Transcontinental Railroad Poster

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Transcontinental Railroad Poster

The Transcontinental Railroad Poster

The Effects of The Railroad on the West The effects of the railroad on the west was that it was way more cheap to travel from Nebraska to California. This made it easier for the families to make the decision to move. That also meant in Utah that there where more non-LDS people in Utah which made more non-LDS cities. Some people wanted to change the capitol of The Territory of Deseret.

The Route Theodore Judah is the one who thaought of this route. The Big Four where some of the only other ones in this route believing it would be easiest. While though the Centeral Pacific had to go through mountains in there route to the meeting place in Promontory Summit they still got payed just the same as the Union Pacific for every mile even thought it was harder for them.

The owners of the Transcontinental Railroad The transcontinental railroad owners where, The Union Pacific:Thomas Durant, The Central Pacific: Charles Crocker. These two people worked against each other in building the railroad. Thomas Durant was once held by his workers who where demanding pay.

Building the Railroad For the Central Pacific they used chinese workers when the work wasn't getting done fast enough. while The Union Pacific just kept there pace not having to go through any mountains. Infact even though the Union Pacific started after the Central Pacific the Union Pacific finished a lot more miles of track.

The Uniting of the Railroad at Promontory Summit The uniting of the Railroad brought a lot of people to watch the ceremony. It also took 3 people to drive in the final spike. This bonded the east and the west proving that they could work together and we became a more accesible country.


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