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Transcendentalism EffectsInfluence in classic American novels such as Into the WildInspired the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s such as abolition of slaves, gender equality, and civil disobedience to the governemnt if the laws were not for the good of the people

Transcendtentalist InfluencesHindu textsGerman IdealismBelief that institutions such as churches were corrupting the invididualism of peopleTranscendentalist ValuesSelf-suffiencyIndividualismDivinity of NatureUniversal Equality

Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emreson were two men who were Tracscendentalists. Henry David Thoreau says that Trascendentalism is based on mysticism and natural philosophy. Emerson was the true center of the Transcendentalist movement. He outlined the ideas and values in his book Nature.

Response to TranscendentalismMembers of the group were not received well by the public. Many people believeved that the Transcendentalists were out to destroy society, and thus feared the movement. However, the members continued to advocate their beliefs.

Transcendentalism is an idea that people have knowledge about themselves and the world around them that goes beyond their human senses. In response to Rationlism, it was an idea that relied soley on the senses to assess the world around ones self.


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