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Transcendentalism project-8089

Transcendentalism Project

Examining Transcendentalism through Popular CultureFinal ProjectLook at all the resources in pop culture that you have access to. Youcan consider genres such as sitcoms, television dramas, children's cartoons, movies, commercials, newspaper editorials, and so forth. Your job is to find examples that complete the Transcendental Thought Chart. •Provide at least one example for each characteristic of transcendental thought. You may provide more than one example if you wish.•Choose a different quotation for each category of your chart. You can repeat the sources that you choose but should find different example quotations or actions. For instance, two of your quotations might come from the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; but the quotations from the movie must be different.•Look for examples from multiple genres. Try to include at least three different genres in your chart.•Be sure that you provide explanations for the quotations or examples that you’ve chosen that show why each is an example of transcendentalist thought. Use layers on your glog.•Attach a copy of each of your examples to the glog that you submit. -For instance, attach a copy of a newspaper editorial. You can either upload a pdf or link to the original. -If the resource is an audio file, upload it directly to the glog, so the reader can hear it and provide the lyrics or a link to the lyrics.-If the resource is a video file, upload the video or link to the resource.



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