Transcendentalism in Song Analysis

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Transcendentalism in Song Analysis

Transcendentalism In Song Analysis

Prompt: Transcendentalists believe that to truly understand what it means to be alive, you must spend your life in thought, surround yourself with nature, become self reliant, live a life of nonconformity, and have self-confidence. These ideas can still be found in popular culture. Choose a song that contains examples of transcendental thought, and explain how it applies to transcendentalism in a PowerPoint presentation that you and your partner will share with the class.You must include at least 3 examples from your song choice and support it with at least 3 examples from the transcendentalist writings that we have read in class. Don’t forget to explain why this song is such a good example of transcendentalism.- PowerPoint Requirements:- Introduction Slide- 1 slide that contains the audio or video for your song. - 3 slides that contain examples of transcendentalism in the song. Each slide must also contain support from transcendentalism texts that we have read in class.- 1 conclusion slide.- Make sure that you rehearse your presentation and create a visually creative PowerPoint through your use of color, font, and images.


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