Trans* Students

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Trans* Students

"I identify as a man."


As educators it is important to providea safe and inclusive environment for all of our students - including trans* youth.Trans* is a broad term to encompass themany variant gendered people in oursociety. Trans* youth are one of thehighest at risk groups in Australia for mental health and suicide. It is our responsibility as teachers to ensureno student is vilified, discriminated againstor victimised based on their gender identity.

"I identify asa woman."

I identify as transgender, transsexual, transvestite, genderqueer, genderfluid, non-binary, genderless, agender, non-gendered, third gender, two-spirit, bigender, transman, transwoman.

Trans* refers to a student whose gender identity does not match their biological sex. Manypeople refer to these people as 'transgender',however this term may serve as very limitedand exclude various other gender identities.Contemporary western society constructs gender as being either male or female. However gender identity isn't so black and white. There is a large spectrum of genders that people may identify as and it is important that educators understand that not everyone fits intothe cookie cutter outlines that society has createdfor us.

What is trans*?

Why should I care?

How diverse are our students?

How does this affect our students?

36.2% of trans* Australians experience major ongoing depressive issues, compared to 6.8% of the general population.

50% of trans* people have attempted suicide at least once in their life - the average age being 16 years old.

1 in 500 people identify as transgender.

59.3% of trans women (male to female) under 30 experience major depressive issues.

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