[2015] Carson Bottomley (Team Summit A block, Default class): Trans Fat

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[2015] Carson Bottomley (Team Summit A block, Default class): Trans Fat

Eating transfat may damage your memory. young and middle-aged men tested, those who reported eating the most trans fat, remembered 11 fewer words out of 104 than the men who ate the least, according to the study presented today at the American Heart Association conference in Chicago trans fat can damage your memory. Read the rest here:

What is Transfat found in?1) vegetable shortening2) In some margarines3) Some crackers4) Some cookies5) Snack foods6) Fast foods7) Vegetable oils that are sutable for frying8) refrigerator dough

FDA Trans Fats Ban May Target Your Favorite Food Video

Trans Fats

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Story on Transfat

What is Transfat?Transfat is formed through food proccessing and it is found in foods that have partically hydronated oil.

Personal Statement for Trans-FatTrans-fat is a substance thicker than oil, which is more preservative of food and delicious. However, trans-fats have more negative effects than positive. It is hazardous to someone’s health by decreasing the “good” cholesterol (HDL, which removes bad cholesterol), and increasing the “bad” cholesterol (LDL, which can clog arteries), which can cause heart attacks and strokes. This can cause irreversible damage and deteriorate the body, making heart attacks and strokes more plausible. Trans-fat is a dangerous substance which should not be put in any food and never be used again.

Trans-Fats Info SheetThere are many thing that can cause harm in our life. Unfortunately, our food ingredients can also cause harm us. Case in point, Trans-Fats. Trans-Fats can cause many health problems for our bodies.ᐧ Trans-Fats can raise your “bad” cholesterol (which can cause blood clots) and lowers your “good” cholesterol (which stops the “bad” cholesterol).ᐧ Trans-Fats can also cause heart-attacks and strokes from the increased cholesterol. ᐧ Trans-Fats also can make you obese. ᐧ Finally. Trans-Fats damages your memory.If people do not want to have any of these repercussions in their later life, it would be best to avoid Trans-Fats at all cost!

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