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training site


Watch this video of BF

Your students can use the site to link to notes on another page. Choose a graphic by clicking graphic, select one and click use me. When you click edit on the graphic you will see two chain links. Click on this and link to a URL where students can find the notes for the day. This can be a wiki, a google doc or even a website created by someone else!

Glogster is a great tool to make your presentations more fun! Rather than having students copy notes from the board they can watch an interactive presentation or, if time and resources allow, complete the activity at their own pace.

Uploading pictures is easy and many can be found by search google images. Simply choose the picture you want, click view full size image and copy the URL.On the Glogster page click images, link, add to your files and paste your URL. Click on the picture and click use me!


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