Trail of Tears

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Trail of Tears

Cherokee people tried to adapt white culture, in an effort to peacefully coexist. However, the Cherokees were still forced to travel miles away, off of their homelands.

What was the Trail of Tears?During the early 1800s, thousands of Cherokees were forced, by white settlers, out of their homelands to walk thousands of miles across the country to a new territory.

The Trail of Tears

During the 1830's, Native Americans occupied millions of acres throughout the southeast. The Cherokee's lived in areas such as present day, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and North and South Carolina.

Cherokee people were forced out of their homelands by white settlers. The federal government demanded the white settlers use the Cherokee land for cotton purposes.

Thousands of Cherokee people were ridden with disease and illness during their thousand mile walk to a new land.


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