Tragic Hero

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Tragic Hero

Oedipus and the Sphinx

Mythology was important in Greek drama because it allowed the people of the day to gain insight of how to live and think, as well as learn from the mistakes and bad judgement of the heroes and gods. Mythology was a key factor in Greek culture and impacted the ideas of classic and modern literature. The tragic Greek hero had flaws which the playwright hoped would be avoided by the spectators after they viewed the downfall of the hero. Mythology uses the stories of tragic heroes to, “...explain how the world came to be and offer examples of how people should and should not live.” (Wickersham 1)

Achilles, a hero of Greek myhtology, holds all the attributes and is a perfect example of a true tragic hero. First off Achilles was born a noble birth and was the son of the sea goddess Thetis and the great-grandson of the kng of the gods, Zeus. Achilles was renowned for his courage and fearlessness and held a high esteem just like a tragic hero. Achilles also suffered a tragic flaw which was his vulnerable heel. It was said that "his mother had dipped him in the River of Styx when he was an infant" but she held onto his heel which made all of him invincible except for the heel of his foot (Calliope 23). Achilles met his fate when he entered the Trojan war with and unprotected and vulnerable heel which the enemies used as their advantage and killed him. Achilles went down in honor by being one of Greek's greatest warriors and he was a true tragic hero due to his noble birth, high esteem, tragic flaw, fate, and honor.

Tragic Hero

How? Greek mythology has given us beliefs and aspects of greek mythology that have been passed down from generations telling us stories that have given us knowledge on greek culture. They told us stories of people who have fallen and gain power to rule, they tell us how they got their name and how they have change greek. Greek mythology have given us more knowledge on their culture and what we can learn from them. In some stories they show how sometime the greek heroes have made mistakes and how they have fallen into a tragic spot which helped us know that we can't do the same mistakes as them. But there isn't a specific why mythology is important we just know that it showed us knowledge and Greek's culture. People will make mistake, "A person of considerable standing who, through some error or frailty, makes a mistake in judgment that starts them on the road to their own downfall."(Ades 1)

An introduction to greek tragedy

Born into nobility

Has a tragic flaw or error

Falls from a great height

Acceptance of fate

Suffering or death

Tragic greek hero qualities

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