Traditions Of The Igbo

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Traditions Of The Igbo

Traditions of the Igbo

Husbands in the Igbo culture typically wear hats that match their wives outfits. At their weddings there are usually dancers in bright colored costumes, and traditional music played by a close friend.

The Iwaji Festival is the celebration after a long years work of growing yams. The Igbo community sit down together and eat.They give yams to the gods as an offering for another year of good harvest. This is commonly known as the feast of the new yam.

Marriage(Igbankwu) in the Igbo culture brings both of the couple's families together for a big celebration with lots of dancing, singing and eating.

The drinking of Palm wine is done before almost every celebration along with eating the Kola nuts.

The breaking of the Kola Nut


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