Traditional Narrative of Native Americans

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Traditional Narrative of Native Americans

The Traditional Narrative of Native Americans

The Indians "agreed" to Peace Treaties to give up their land to the emerging American Government. (1777-1792)

"It was unavoidable, no one is at fault. There was all this land just sitting there for the taking, land that natives were barely using. Since natives could not change or successfully live in civilized society there was little that could be done but push them aside into reservations. Or kill them if they put up a fight."

This is the standard historical account most widely known or taught within the schooling system in the United States about Native Americans.

"The red men are not within the pales of civilization; they are not under restraints of morality, nor the influence of religion and they are always disagreeable and dangerous neighbors to a civilized people."

"Natives were backward and incapable of change."

Students are expected to "know" the Native American tribes of North Carolina and their region.


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