Traditional Indian Clothing

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Traditional Indian Clothing

Traditional Indian Clothing

Mothers in India usually make the clothes for the family. For the girls in the house, they make Sarees, using 6 yards of beautiful fabric. Sarees are pieces of clothing created by silk or cotton, and is traditionally worn by draping it around the body. For the men in the house, one example is called Roaches. Roaches are made of porcupine quills and deer fur. They are worn for special occasions or when the men are in battle. They are worn as headpieces.

Indian fashion is extremely important to India because it shows their culture, religion and importance of appearance. They cover themesleves from head to toe in gorgeous, sparkly outfits, and they always look beautiful.

Shown below are traditional Indian roaches.

Shown to the left is an example of a Sari.This sari is very colorful and is made out of 6 yards of beautiful silk.

The kurta is a shirt that goes to the knee. It is usually colorful, and sometimes it does not have a collar. In the pictures shown above, there are collars. This is usually worn by men.

Jewelry is very important to an Indian women because it is for cultural and religious reasons. It is also worn for appearance. Jewelry is also supposed to keep away evil.


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