Traditional Easter Game

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Traditional Easter Game

Few hints about the gameThe traditional game for children and adults played in Istria after the Mass or Easter lunch is called egg- cracking with coins. The eggs are placed at a certain distance, and those who manage to hit the egg with a coin so that it sticks in the egg, get both the coin and the egg. If the egg has not been cracked by the coin, the money will be given to the owner of the eggs.

1) Bring some flowers or plant leaves from outside, lean it on the egg in a way to leave nice print when coloured2) Bind tightly in a way that every egg is placed separatly in the nylon3) Fill container with the mixture of water, vinegar, and onion rind to get brown coloured egg, nettle for green and beetrote for purple coloured egg. Boil it for 7 minutes.4) Carefully remove eggs from nylon and set aside to dry. Bespread with oil and enjoy your nice shiny Easter eggs

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Dying Easter eggs in a way our ancestors did


Istrian cuisine group Primary school „Juraj Dobrila“ Rovinj, Croatia


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