Traditional Czech Easter

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Traditional Czech Easter


Although the Easter is in spring, there was heavy snowing. And then sunshine. And then heavy snowing.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....A group of friends went on a long and dangerous journey through their city to get sweet, sweet... sweets.

So what do we do at the Easter?

It's simple. Boys and men in the Czech Republic and especially Moravia go to visit their girl-friends (not girlfriends) and spank them with pomlázka ('Easter stick'). There's no right English translation for it, but I like to call it 'The stick of justice'.If men do that, they get sweets, painted/dyed/decorated eggs, meat and sometimes a shot of alcohol or more.

Our friend Tomáš with his pomlázka.(Seriously Glogster, you're a paid programme and you can't make Czech letters?)

A Moravian guy torturing some Moravian girls.This picture is from the Internet.

That's what we get for 6 hours of walking... Totally worth it.

If boys come to a girl's house after 12:00 am., she can throw a bucket of water over them. But in Děčín it is not so common.Czechs had know the Ice bucket Challenge before it became cool!

Girls also usually bake. This is Anička's lamb.

Normal people usually say some short Easter poems when they're spanking girls... But we aren't normal, so we were singing 'Kdož jste boží bojovníci', which is an old Husitte hymn (in the video is version by my favourite singer Daniel Landa)

Photos by: Jakub, Štěpán, Anička, teacherGlog by: Aleš (Edited by Šárka Opatová)(And again I'm really sorry for those messed Czech letters, there's nothing I can do with it.)

dyed eggs to be offered to men and boys

teacher's friend with his sons


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