Traditional Clothes In Suvalkija

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Traditional Clothes In Suvalkija

Skirts dark, along the broad streak. The band very broad, selected letters with the two broad streaks around the edges. On clothing through the side was placed a beautiful patterned Pocket-cart. Wore colored socks and colorful shoes in holey writs.

She heads to the Golden girls of galleon (she strips). Their galeon were high, sometimes even set colored feathers or artificial flowers. Married women wore ornate the cap with peak and bond above the lagoon.

Men leather belts, and ribon, and the wide, she selection lanes. Their hats straight edges, it was smartly used the narrow strips of woven selection.

Men weared light grey or even white wraps (coats). Shirts, wore them after warps. The second half of the 19th century shirts begin to sew quite gorgeously: the chest cover wide fine cotton After closure with lots of small gather.

Suwalki men's wear dark, with bright color trim. Men, women, other than the edge of the holiday was preparing for a light-coloured clothes.

Apron-complex weaving technique with the most splendid and lilies designs, the most impressive part of this edge women's costume.

Traditional clothes in Suvalkija

Women's national costume

Men's national costume

Women's clothing was dominated by rich, deep colors: dark blue, dark red, purple, green. Women‘s shirt sewed extra-wide, lavishly enveloping sleeves, mostly white sometimes mediocre: beautiful plant ornaments.


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