Trading in the East

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Trading in the East

Trading in the East

By: Belen Juarez

Vasco Da Gama established the trading post. Now since he established the trading post more people could come gain wealth, or get needs. More people could come if this trading post was closer to them. It didn't last long because the guards were guarding the post and the guards were killed. No guards is equal to a bad trading post.

In 1498 Vasco Da Gama found a sea route to Calicut. He could not make a colony because the merchants were suspicious.

Marco Polo crossed the Gobi Desert to get to China. The Portugese got to China succesfully by sea instead.

In 1543 the Portugese got to Japan they found out that Japan was ruled by Shoguns. The Shoguns welcomed the Portugese and the Dutch too. More people came to Japan. Everyone had more succes in trade than they did in China. Japan was officialy a colony.

Traders from the Dutch Empire got together and formed the Dutch East India Company. This soon was a powerful force and it helped people in Japan and Indonesia trade better in a closer place.







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