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Trading faces

Trading Faces By: Julia DeVillers & Jennifer Roy304 pagesyoung-adult fictionLindsay Elmore


The two main characters in this book are identical 12 year old twins named Emma and Payton. Payton is definitely the sylish and outgoing one, but is also very sensitive when it comes to her doing something embarrassing or someone says something mean about her sister. "My lip gloss! Oh no, I think I left it at home!" (DeVillers & Roy) Emma is very smart and sort of shy, but never turns her sister down when she needs help. "I can't be late for mathletes today Payton, come on!" (DeVillers & Roy)


It was the first day of seventh grade. Identical twin sisters, Emma and Payton have completely different schedules - for the first time. Without telling anyone, the girls switch places to undergo hardships that the other could not handle themselves. Cool Payton anonymously becomes the very quiet Emma, while mathlete Emma becomes fashionista Payton. No one realizes that they made the switch.Read "Trading Faces" to learn that no one is exactly the same person that the rest of the world think they are.


The theme of Trading Faces is that you always need to stay completely true to yourself, even when the world around you is not making it very easy. Throughout the book, the girls have struggles fitting in. They try to join different cliques but it doesn't end up working too well. "'There's a girl from the lunch table who doesn't like me very much, maybe its my hair?' says Payton".

I think this book really relates to girls/boys in middle-high school because it really demonstrates the struggle that some people have trying to fit in. It also shows that your social status is not important in order for you to accomplish great things.

I really enjoy reading this book. I've read it multiple times and although I already know the ending, it's an exciting ending. I really would recommend this book to another person to read because it has very many lessons to be learned and is good for kids to read.




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