Tracy Civilization Questions

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Social Studies

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Tracy Civilization Questions

Questions to Ask About a Civilization

1. Geography: What is the land like? What have men done to the land?2. Economics: How are goods produced? How are goods exchanged or traded? How is money used? How are goods distributed?3. Religions and Philosophy: What do people believe about gods or God? What do they believe is the meaning of life? What do they believe about right and wrong? How do their beliefs affect their lives?4. Knowledge, Education, and the Arts: Have the people developed any new knowledge? What kind of knowledge do they think is important? What can we learn about them from their printing, scuplture, building, music, and books? 5. Political Science: How are the people governed? Do they are have laws?6. Sociology: Do they live in groups such as the family? Are there rich men and poor men? Are there slaves?7. History: Is there much change in the society? Is the society changing slowly or quickly?



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