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Tracy Chapman

"They're talkin' about a revolution/It sounds like a whisper/While they're standing in the welfare lines/Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation/Wasting time in the unemployment lines/Sitting around waiting for a promotion." -Tracy Chapman, "Talkin' about a Revolution"

Tracy ChapmanSinger/Songwriter

"Little black girl gets assualted/Don't no one know her name/Lots of people hurt and angry/She's the one to blame.."-Tracy Chapman, "Across the Lines"

DOB: 03/30/1964Genre: Pop/Rock/FolkYears Active : 25 yrs

- Tracy chapman is a multi platinum, 4 time Grammy Award winner.- She writes all of her own music and plays the guitar.-She received her B.A. in anthropology and African studies from Tufts University.- She sings about songs that touch on domestic abuse, racism, sexism and social inequality.-Her first musical instrument was a ukeleele and then the organ at age eight. She currently plays the guitar and drums.*For more on Tracy Chapman please go to: -All about Tracy-Rolling Stones Interview-"The quiet revolutionary" -Alice Walker and Tracy Chapman?-Chapman in Time Magazine-Tracy Chapman's Greatest Hits November 2015!

1988 - Tracy Chapman 1989 - Crossroads 1992 - Matters of the Heart 1995 - New Beginning2000 - Telling Stories2002 - Let It Rain2005 - Where You Live2008 - Our Bright Future

Aids/LifeCycleA Better ChanceAmnesty International Make Poverty History


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"Noted particularly for her feminist insights and political consciousness, she demonstrates an understanding of the social and political conditions that surround contemporary problems and issues, and she demonstrates a personal committment to such issues by participating frequently in concerts in support of social and political caues such as Amnesty International and AIDS" (Chapman 144).


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