Track n field

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Track n field

Shape:Throughout our display we used shape in various ways. Our over arching pattern concerned the use of mostly definate shapes and objects with few curves used. In other words we mostly used squares, rectangles and other straight sided figures. This was meant once again to remberse the bold, strong and definate feeling in the viewer.

We are very pleased with our finished project and proud to say that it is finally done after much frustration and confusion.Despite the mix ups and abseces we feel that we have put a lot of time and effort into this project and feel our grade should represent our hard work. therefore we believe we deserve and A. We hope you agree.

We wanted to grab the viewers intrest and attention by displaying each track event. But overall we wanted to draw in the viewer intially with the track and with use of the lane lines we carry the viewers eye throughout the rest of the display.Also the track itself is the center of the sport and therefore the center of our display and what was meant to catch the eye and carry it to each event other than the track.

Our setting takes place on a semi outdoor track. Elements such as grass, sand, and a blue sky are present in the display. It is meant to be representative of a sunny day out on the track, where exploration of each event can take place.

Our biggest problem throughout this project was being organized and being in the same place at the same time. Making this glog without it deleting our progress before we were able to save was also a stress. Determining the foucs and layout of our props in the display was also a time consuming task.

We chose bold, strong colors to portray the intensity of Track & Feild events. The colors we picked also reflect our school colors(black, white, red & yellow). The black and white are considered more traditonal colors but we made them pop with the use of accent colors like cardinal red, yellow, green and blue. The black and white also bring a bold and definate sense to the display, seperating background from fore ground. The colors we chose also represent strenght, power, determination, and fun which is what Track is all about. Emotion is also evoked with this colors which brings feelings of what it is like to compete in each event. Each color choice we made was also meant to draw the eye in a different direction and carry it throughout the display.

PROPS:Running trackhurdlesgrassskyt-shirtmatsribbonstimerthe props were a joint effort in deciding what we needed and who had access to it.

Balance:Our balance throughout our display is informal balance and is used to carry the eye from one focal point to the other. It also helps the eye to make certain objects stant out while others were meant to blend into the background scenery as the viewer looks at the display.

SUN PRAIRIE Track & Feild

Strive to be a STAR!

Direction:The use of direction in our display was soley meant to carry the viewers eye along the path of the track and then down to each of the events themselves. Sort of giving them and tour of the sport.

Texture:Throughout our display the use of texture is small but noticable to the viewers eye. The sand pit is similar to real sand in size and texture providing some definition. The track also appears with some texture. The most eye catching texture in our display can be found in the grass with its wavyness and definiton.


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