Tower of London

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Tower of London

Tower of London

HistoryThe Tower of London has been used as many things home to kings and queens (550 years), a zoo, an armory and the crown jewels are stored there. The first prisoner was Runulf Flambard in 1100 (escaped). The last prisoner was Rudulf heff in 1941. He was Hitlers' asociate. Queen Elizabeth I mother was killed in the tower when she was 10. She was imprissoned in the tower. In 1483 12 year old heir to the throne and his younger brother were held captive in the tower they were never heard from again.

MakingThe Tower of London is a stone building made of brown limestone. Most of the things used to make the tower were not used for most buildings. One of the towers is the white tower. It took about 30 years to build while William II was king. The reason why it is called the white tower was because, it was whitewashed in 1241. Another tower is the Bloody Tower it was first built in the 1220's. A new floor was built about 1360 while Edward the III was king.

Fun FactsThe White Tower started out by itself. Now it is in the middle of 19 other towers. The Thames river flows beside it. On the first floor of the White Tower the kings and queens used to entertain. The Bell Tower got its name, because it has a belfry on top. A belfry is a bell. In the Tower of London's royal mint coins were made the early 1900's. It is now in Wales. More than 50 families that work at the tower live there to.

Important datesIn 1528 it was the last year the tower was used for royal residence. Kings and queens lived there for 500 years!! In 1191 the first attack happened at the tower.In 1939 people couldn't come to see the crown jewels, because they weren't being stored there. In 1948 the crown jewels go back to the tower and people can visit them. In the 1820's the tower of London is no longer used as a prison.

PeoplePrisoner of the tower Prine Gruffydd ap Llewelyn tried to escape by rope, but fell and died. It was written that his and neck was pushed into his body. Queen Elizabeth I hier of Henry VIII ordered many important Catholice figures to be held captive. William the Conquerer crossed the english channel in 1066, became king of England, and was called William the duke of Normandy before he earned his new name. He built the tower to keep the city of London safe and in control. The one who tried harder than anyone to rule the whole Britain was Merciless Edward. He invaded Scotland alot and gave ideas to who should be the ruler of Scotland.

Present dayToday Gaurds and Beefeaters also called Yeoman Warders still tend to the Tower. Armor and weaponry is still stored there. One tower in the tower of London is the Jewel house where the crown jewels are stored.Today the crown jewels are stored in the waterloo Barracks. the Waterloo tower was built while the Duke of Wellington was constable of the tower. The chapel of St. peter and vincola is across from the burial crypts of some of the people that were executed in the tower.

The Tower of London has been around for centuries and it is a very important and well known landmark. I found this topic really interesting and I hope you enjoyed this as much as did.

The Tower of London is an ancient landmark that I learned all about! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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