Tourist Guide to Bangkok

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Tourist Guide to Bangkok

- Always ask for a metered taxi.- Agree on a price before you take a tuk-tuk.- Do not take advice from taxi/tuk-tuk drivers.- Drink lots of water. Bottled only.- Carry your own toilet paper/hand sanitizer.- Traffic laws are ignored my most - Be careful when crossing streets.- If traveling short distances, use motorbike taxis (orange/purple/green vests).- Always carry an umbrella - specially during rainy season.

- Wat Phra Kaew - Grand Palace- Wat Pho - Reclining Buddha- Wat Arun - Temple of Dawn- Khao San Road- Chinatown (Yaowarat)- Siam Shopping Area- Chatuchak Market- Asiatique- Soi Cowboy

Where to Go

Tourist Guide to Bangkok

Traveling Tips

- Population: 7,221,000.- The city's real name is the longest city name in the world.- Nicknamed the "Venice of the East"- It's the world's hottest city.- Not wearing underwear is illegal.- Is the world's most visited city. - There are over 400 Buddhist Temples in the city.- It is illegal to step on any Thai currency as they carry an image of the King


- Thais greet with a "wai" - pressing palms together at chest or nose level and bowing head slightly.- Do not disrespect the royal family in any way.- Stand still when the national anthem is being played.- Buddhist images and artifacts are considered sacred - respect them.- Puplic displays of affection should be kept to a minimum.- Thais are all about saving face - avoid loud confrontations.- Don't touch a person's head or use your feet to touch or move anything.

Cultural Tips



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