Tourist Brochure 27 Oct 09

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Tourist Brochure 27 Oct 09

Today we'll be visiting several tourist sites and you will produce a brochure where you introduce these attractions to people interested in visiting Singapore. Focus on how information is organised and how language is used to persuade readers.

Going on a tour !

Focus on how information is organised and the language features that are chacteristic of a brochure. Next, in pairs discuss and draft the content of your brochure.

Let's take a quick preview of what you would expect to see in a brochure.

Now, for a stop in Sentosa

Visit Little India and note the interesting details

Next, we'll take a tour in the zoo. Do note interesting information & facts.

Checkout the attractions in Chinatown & make brief notes.

Now that you've gathered relevant details on the sites, it's time to create a brochure which is targetted at families with young children who are looking for a potential holiday destination.



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