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Tourism IN USA

Let's Visit Texas!!!

The best entetainment, brathtaking views and lots of attractions are waiting for you in Texas! So vacationers, what are you waiting for?

GEOGRAPHY- Situated in the south of the country.- The biggest state of USA.- Rio Grande is the larger river in all Texas!- It has wide geographic diversity: Mountain, plan and coast!

HISTORYIn the old time, America fought with Mexico for Texas. America won. Later Texas became an independent country. In 1845, It became one of the states of USA..

It is the second most populated state 30,7 hab./km2

EVENTS- San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in Houston (12th Feb. to 1st Mar.) Expositions, artists, and Cowboys showing their riding talents on cows, bulls and horses. - State Fair of Texas in Dallas (28th Sep.-18th Oct.) Creative arts competitions, exhibitions, vendors, and "Big Tex".

IMPORTANT CITIESIt has lots of cities with population exceeding the one milion of people, like: Huston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth and El Paso, which are in the rank of the most populated cities of USA. - Houston is the largest city of Texas-Austin is the capital of Texas.

PLACES TO VISITNascar: Enjoy car races around a gorgeous track.Safaris in Texas style: Zebras, kangaroos, Ostriches, bisons, Buffalos, deers, antelops and kudus so close to you. You can touch them if you want! You can visit the old cowboys saloons!Also you can pass few days or organize your parties or weddings there.

Texas is the lone star state referring to his flag.

LENGUAGES66% English speakers30% Spanish speakers4% Others

TEXAS' Anthem


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