Tourette Syndrome

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Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome was first discovered by Gilles de la Tourette in 1885. He was approached by seven patients with the same symptoms, so he did some research, and named the disease Tourette Syndrome. This nervous system disease presents itself in many different ways, such as: Tics, ADHD, OCD, and behavioral problems. Tics are expressed in different ways depending on the person who has Tourette syndrome like random outbursts and muscle spasms. And most Tourette patients have to have things a certain way, due to their OCD. Some fiddle with pencils, others make sure everything is clean. It doesn’t decrease your life span, but how happy you are depends on how you react to it. There is currently no cure to Tourette Syndrome, but there are different treatments that have shown to minimize symptoms. If anything, I predict that there will be a cure for Tourette Syndrome within the next ten years.


1885 - Gilles de la Tourette discovered 9 patients with the same symptoms, and named the disease, Tourette Syndrome.1997 - Tourette Syndrome Awareness month was established by the TSA

The National Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month was established by the TSA in 1997.

Lasting Impact

Doctors still haven't found a cure for Tourette Syndrome, but they have found medicene that can treat it effectively.


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Tourette Syndrome



Children With Tourettes


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