Tourette Syndrome

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Tourette Syndrome

No one knows how Tourettes is caused or how to prevent it, but some current research does point to abnormalities in the Basal Ganglia, the base of the brain. Almost all cases of Tourette syndrome probably result from a variety of genetic and environmental factors, not changes in a single gene.

Tourette Syndrome

This neurological disorder starts in childhood. Symptoms usually begin to show between the ages 2-12. The symptoms include uncontrolled movements and sounds such as:-blinking or shrugging uncontrollably-head jerking -throat clearing-yellingMore complex tics would be: -obscene gesturing-using different tones of voice -obscene gesturing -using swear wordsThese tics can be controlled overtime.These symptoms are also how doctors identify if their patients have TS.




Having Tourettes Syndrome will usually come with other conditions such as:-Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)-Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)-Learning disabilities-Sleep disorders-Depression-Anxiety disorders

There is no cure for Tourettes syndrome. Treatment is intended to help control tics that interfere with everyday activities. Some people with this disorder take medications to help control their tics. Different therapies like Psychotherapy can help with obsessions, depression or anxiety.

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a condition that causes a person to make repeated, quick movements or sounds that they cannot control. These movements or sounds are called tics.

3 of every 1000 children have Tourette Syndrome


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