Touching Spirit Bear

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Touching Spirit Bear

Cole Matthews is a High School kid living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is frequently abused by his dad. His mom never stands up for him, because she is affraid that she will also get beaten. Cole broke into a store and, after robbing it, trashed it. He wasn't caught, but boasted about the break in the next day at school. Another kid, Peter Driscal, ratted him out. After school, that day, Cole beat Peter up. It lead him to Garvey who, sort of, represented Cirle Justice. Cirle Justice tries to heal not punish. He was supposed to be banished for a year at a remote island. But days after getting arriving at the island, he is attacked by a Spirit Bear.

If I Were The Judge...

Peter Driscal1 - Tried to commit suicide twice after being attacked by Cole2 - When alone with Cole he tried to get his revenge3 - Doesn't understand that Cole really has changedCole Matthews1 - Beat by his father on a regular basis2 - Thinks the world revolves around him3 - Refuses to fight back when Peter attacks, shows that he really has changedBoth1 - They need to both go to the island to find the true meaning of life2 - Takes a life threatening expierence for them to understand the meaning of life, Cole in a good way, Peter in a bad way3 - They start to forgive each other at the end of the book

If I were the judge in the case of Cole Matthew's, I would rule in the favor of the defense. Over the last year and a half, Cole has shown some remarkable improvement. He has helped Peter get over his depression, sort of. Peter attempted to beat up Cole, as a revenge of Cole beating up him. Cole refused to fight back. Cole has shown some improvement since getting mauled. He is still getting angry, bu not as much as he used to. He has stated that he had gotten mauled by a Spirit Bear, and he hasn't yet tried to prove it. The old Cole Matthews would have gotten angry if not a sigle person had believed him. When he heard the Peter had attempted to commit suicide, twice, Cole invited him to the island. This was an attempt to help heal Peter. Since his mauling Cole has realized what he has done ot Peter will, probably, never be forgiven. After there trip Peter and Cole are sort of friends. Cole has sold all his stuff for supplies, to a second trip to the island. When Peter came, Cole gave him the cabin that he built, and Cole slept in a tent. That was during the spring in Alaska. If this case had a jury, I am almost sure that they would disagree with me. They are worried for there children, and there family.

Negative Choices

Cole Cole beat up Peter, which began the book. This was the first poor choice made by Cole. It caused Peter to try to commit suicide. This was what eventually led Peter to the island. Beating up Peter was a poor decision, but in a way it helped them both more than the could have ever imagined. Another bad choice on Cole's part, was burning down the cabin that Edwin made for him. His anger was clouding his judgement. As a result of this, when Cole went back to the island, he had to sell his stuff to buy supplies to build a new cabin. The other option was to sleep outside. The final bad, major, choice made by Cole was to attack the Spirit Bear. It ended up showing him the value of life in the end, but it nearly killed him first. Once he was mauled he started to understand that the world didn't revolve around him.Peter A bad choice made by Peter was telling on Cole. It wasn't a bad choice, but it did get him beat up by Cole. Peter himself views this as a bad choice, because he later tries to commit suicide when he felt that nobody wanted him around. Getting your head smashed into a sidewalk can do that to you. The second bad decision made by Peter was when he tried to get revenge on Cole. Cole had invited him to the island, so that Peter could learn what Cole had learned. This was after his second time of attempted suicide. He did things like stepping on Cole's sleeping bag with muddy boots, or "accidently" leaving the door open after he went to do his buisness. The third bad choice made by Peter was when he attempted to beat Cole up. He, again, was acting in revenge. This ended up, kind of, being a good choice. When Cole refused to fight back Peter realized that Cole actually had changed. After this, I think Peter becomes one step closer to forgiving Cole for what he had done to him.

The Theme of My Life

The theme of my life is being grateful. There are many things in my life to be thankful about. I have a house and food. I also have a loving family. This is almost the opposite of Cole. He has a family that hates him, and beats him. My family is fortunate enough to support my brother and me. This isn't possible in all family's. I am the most thankful for my education. I have kind teacher that are able to answer any questions that I have. My parents are fortunate enough to have a good-paying job to even be able to put me through school. Compared to Cole, I have a life that is like a royalty. There are kids that don't get a very good education, or not even one at all. I feel that I am one of the luckiest people on the planet for the life that I live.

Touching Spirit Bear

Cole's Life

Comparing Peter and Cole

The Theme of My Life

I think the theme of the novel, Touching Spirit Bear, is healing. Cole needs to learn how to respect others. He pretty much goes into solitary confinement. Within days of his arrival he is attacked by a Spirit Bear. While he is waiting there in near death, he starts to understand that the world doesn't revolve around Cole Matthews. He is taken to a hospital, and after his visit there, he is taken to a Cirle Justice meeting, where he tries to prove that he has change. He is able to get another shot at the island. On the island he completes everything he needs to do. He starts to soak in a pond to help him learn to help him forget about his anger. This is the first step to healing. He learns that Peter had tried to commit suicide, so he invites Peter to the island. Peter tries to get his revenge, when he starts to beat up Cole. Cole refuses to fight back. Peter starts to understand that Cole has changed. Because of this, Peter starts his own healing process. The island has helped both Peter and Cole find the meaning of life. They are also starting to forgive each other. That is what spiritual healing is.


Song That Defines Cole

The title, “Sweet Escape” is pretty self explanatory on what its about. At first, the sweet escape was Cole trying to get away from the island, escaping with out anyone ever going to know. But then toward the end of the book, the island is his sweet escape from pretty much everything. From the real world, his father, anger that could come back to him, and distractions that would take him away from trying to be calm and less mad.

Comparing the Novel to a Current event

LInk: novel and this current event are similar in many ways. It is especially about redeption. In this article, there is a woman that has been on the death row for 22 years, for killing hers son. Those charges have recently been dropped. It is like Cole. He is charged for beating up Peter. He ends up getting banished. When he is on the island he is attacked and starts to know the meaning of life. He goes back and try's to prove theat he has changed. Not very many people believe him. After 22 years on the death row, this woman will probably never be completely accepted back into her community. She was charged for murder and hasn't seen very many people in 22 years. That is like Cole. He is trying to convince Peter that he has changed, but Peter is still trying to get his revenge at every possible moment.

Touching Spirit Bear, An Unofficial Trailer

Touching Spirit Bear Part 1, An Unofficial Movie.


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