Touching Spirit Bear By Ben Mikaelsen

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Touching Spirit Bear By Ben Mikaelsen

Touching Spirit Bear By: Ben Mikalesen

Main CharactersColeEdwen Peter

Don't mess with a spirit bear.Or they will kill you.

Hunting problemsHunting might have been necessary for human survival in prehistoric times, but today some hunters stalk and kill animals for the fun of it, not out of necessity. This form of “entertainment” rips animal families apart and leaves some animals orphaned or badly injured when hunters miss their targets. There are still hunters that hunt for food and that respect animal lives.

Summary of the book Cole is put on a island beacause he beat Peter and then Peter had to have stiches .Cole is put on an island instead of going to prison. Edwin is his mentor. Cole tries to burn down his cabin then tries too swim away . He walked in the woods and saw the Spirit Bear and tries to kill it but it bit his arm and then Cole took some hair. The Spirit Bear crushed his chest and tore meat off of him. He had no food or water.Birds were eating his flesh like fish. This mouse was trying to eat on him but he got the mouse and started eating the mouse. Cole threw up and then he was hungrey so he eat his on throw up.Cole got Peter to come onto the island. then Peter kicked him. And then he let him sleep in his cabin . Cole slept in a tent. After Cole was was on the island he changeed and peter forgave him.Then they became friends.

By:Ethan Oliver

STARS OF BOOK5 stars on the book. I liked this book because it was funny. I liked the setting because it was outside.

Headstrong - TraptThe song Headstrong by Trapt represents Cole a lot because the main story of the song is about. He feels able to take on the world and be fearless, like how Cole felt in the beginning of the story, ‘Touching Spirit Bear’. ‘Back off, I’ll take you on, headstrong to take on anyone’ represents how Cole felt toward people.

Favorite Quote"A hotdog is what you make of it. Itcan just be a hotdog or it can be a feast" why I like the quote is that you can make something more than it is.


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