[2015] Emma F: Toucans

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[2015] Emma F: Toucans

ToucansBy Emma Fothergill

The toucan has many different features on its little body. A full grown toucan weighs less than a pound. In other words, about fourteen ounces.From head to tail, the toucan is twenty inches. Toucans use their bills to reach into holes.The bills are also useable for camouflage and mating.The brightness of the beak attracts female toucans.Since toucans are unable to sweat, they need their bills for air conditioning. While on tree branches, their tails help them balance.Their tails also can fold up and comfort their heads while sleeping.Several vertebrae fused to their spine allow them to pull their heads near their tails. These many things are special and make up the body of the toucan.

The toucan’s bill is a great help to get food. To get their food,toucans swoop down to the rain forest floor,grab the prey or fruit in the bill and fly back up into the trees. Even though the toucan sometimes gets its food from the rainforest floor, the toucan almost never lands on the ground.Speaking of bills,toucans use their beaks to reach fruit high up in trees.They also use their bills to grab hold of prey.They have a feathery tongue that helps them taste their food. They eat mainly fruit, sometimes insects and small animals.To get water, toucans drink the water that has collected on the leaves. I am so sad i can only tell you about some of the amazing things about the toucans, but you can find out for yourself.

The toucan lives in the South American rain forest. The rainforest that most toucans live in is known as the Amazon Rainforest. A river that the toucans live nearby is known as the Amazon River.The range of toucans is all the way from Mexico to Argentina! Toucans live high up in the canopy layer of the rainforest. In the canopy, there are fruit, water and leaves for the toucan to eat, drink and survive off of. They are eaten by predators, but are not endangered animals. Most toucans live in a tropical climate. Toucans live, play and nest with their flock. So don’t worry about toucans, they are safe in their green habitat.


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