Totalitarian Ideologies

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World War II

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Totalitarian Ideologies

Communism has the most economic control placed in the hands of the government. All infrastrustructure and resource logistics flow through a central government. Everyone is treated and rewarded equally relative to their contribution to society.

COMMUNISMSoviet Union - Joseph Stalin

World War 2 was a global battle by militarstic means but still contributed to a major turn in political theory. Leading up to the events that eventually sparked the war itself, many of the participants redesigned how their national societies work. The coined term "Totalitarian" was born when a new ideology had emerged from all ends of Europe. Nazi Germany's Hitler, Italy's Mussolini, and Soviet Union's Joseph Stalin all created a version of Totalitarian Government in which all power is almost entirely centralized.


This "Political Compass" visualizes the social and economic stance of these leaders. The authoritarian and libertarian axis represents social freedom while the left and right wings represent economic freedom.The upper edge of the graph, on both left and right wing economic stances, represents a form of a totalitarian ideology. By clicking the chart you can take your own test to see where you stand on the political compass.

Fascism is an ideology that follows a very nationalistic sentimental view. The extreme right-wing stance compared to the other two totalitarian ideologies gives fascism the most economic freedom in relation to nazism and communism.

FASCISMItaly - Benito Mussolini

Nazism, invented and popularized by Nazi Germany before WW2, stands between fascism and communism on economic freedom, but exercises by far the most social control. Racism and anti-semitism is ingrained in this ideology as well, along with the attempt to create the "perfect" Aryan race during the process.

NAZISMNazi Germany - Adolf Hitler

Symbol of Fascism

Symbol of Nazism

Symbol of Communism

Mussolini and Fascism

Symbol of Totalitarianism and further definition

Stalin and Communism

Hitler and Nazism


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