Tortoise vs Hare The Rematch

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Tortoise vs Hare The Rematch

'Tortoise vs Hare The Rematch', written by Preston Rutt and illustrated by Ben Redlich, is a fictional story suitable for ages 8 or older. This text depictis the theme 'slow and steady wins the race'. After Hare loses the first match against Tortoise, he demands a rematch. During the lead up to the rematch Tortoise remains relaxed and composed, without training, taking each day as it comes. Conversely, Hare trains every day for the race without fail. Both of the characters are portraying two drastically different moods throughout the text, so whose approach will win?


Author: Preston RuttIllustrator: Ben Redlich

Book Review

Name: Mikaela Shute Date: 20th October 2014


This engaging narrative explores an intense emotional drama of the Hare's determination and desire to win and the Tortoise's wise relaxed personality. The text's language and illustrations work seamlessly to portray the characters contrasting moods and characteristics, whilst inviting the reader to make interpretations.


Title: Tortoise vs Hare The Rematch


Entertaining, Enjoyable, Engaging!

'Steady' Eddie Tortoise

Harry 'The Hurricane' Hare


In order to establish the differences between the characters, a thick boundary frame has been used, implying that the two characters do not belong together. This exemplifies the characterisation of the Hare, believing that he has greater power and status than Tortoise. The use of heavy framing implies containment and the individuality and differences between the two characters. The Hare has been presented, throughout the images, in the colour red. Red has been used to visually represent his characterisation. The use of red symbolises his passion, emotion and active personality. This is supported by Hare's boastful statement, "I'm just too good for the wood" and when he is described using the simile as fit as an artic fox and as menacing as a shark. Alternatively, Tortoise has been depicted through colours including blue, white, green, purple and yellow. The use of green suggests that the Tortoise contains knowledge and hope which is also supported through the use of books that he stands upon in the frame. The use of yellow implies that he is cheerful and light-hearted and the use of white portrays his virtuous and innocent nature. Whilst the purple is used to symbolise his wisdom and calmness. Ellipsis has been used to exemplify Tortoises light-hearted and calm nature, for example, when Tortoise says "W-e-l-l....". Throughout the book the author has used a variety of language features including; metaphors, simililes, alliteration, noun groups, verbs and adjectives. Through these choice the reader is engaged and able to imagine what is happening in the text, for example, the gastly gale or the wicked westerly wind. To further contribute to the theme and mood of this text strategic use of salience has been incorporated. Initially, the readers eyes are allured towards Fox, as he is positioned in the foreground. The character eyes and the bottle beside Fox direct the reader towards Tortoise. Social Distance has been used to establish status, as the Tortoise is above everyone else in the image and surrounded in warm colours depicting happiness. Alternatively the Hare is below in the opposite corner surrounded by darker colours below the Tortoise. The characterisation of the Tortoise and Hare are essential contributors to the mood and theme of this entertaining, well-written and worthwhile text. Meaningful images and grammar have been selected to work harmoniously in creating interpretative possibilities, whilst conveying the authors intended point of view and ultimately the theme. I would recommend this book as it is utilises a wide variety of techniques to engage the reader, evoking the mood of excitement as the race to determine the ultimate victor. Tortoise may have one the first face, but now Hare is determined and he is not about to make the same mistake twice. Who will win?



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