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Toronto has a semi-continental climate, with short, humid, lukewarm summers and long, cold winters. It is modified by it’s location on the shores of lake ontario. The CN tower, the Rogers center, Royal Bank Plaza, Royal Ontario Museum and the Hockey Hall of Fame are all man-made landmarks on Toronto’s skyline but Torontos natural land forms define from Ontario’s capital city. Water shapes the landscape in a huge way.The Scarborough Bluffs rise as the former shore of the huge Lake Iroquois of which lake Ontario is merley remnant. The Niagara river flows into this lake which borders on Toronto. The vegetation is mostly Oak and Maple trees as well as Dogwoods.

People in Toronto usually travel by car, train, boat, plane, truck, trolley bus and mainly walking. Toronto is one of the biggest places to trade in Canada.Some of Toronto’s main exports include petroleum, aluminum, lumber and plastics.Some of Toronto’s main imports are iron and steel. These goods usually get transported by trucks, boats, planes or even sent as letters.Toronto’s festivities include Halloween, Canada Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

In Toronto, Buses work with electricity instead of fuel which helps to keep the atmosphere clean and people are often careful about throwing garbage on the ground, avoiding pollution. People in Toronto have shaped the environment by turning forests and fields into buildings and roads. Growing poverty, homelessness, mounting waste and air pollution impacts the residents’ health as well as the environment.

Toronto’s absolute location is 43.7000 degrees north and 79.4000 degrees west.Toronto’s relative location is in the south-central part of the province Ontario which sits at the tip of Lake Ontario, the most eastern of all the great lakes. It is about an eight to nine hour drive northwest of Chicago and a six hour drive west of Montreal.Toronto is located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario

Toronto’s region is the St. Lawrence lowlands which is the same place where the great lakes and Niagara falls are. It is in Ontario and north to the border to the U.S.



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