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Weather and Climate

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WHAT IS A Tornado?

A tornado is an extremely violent wind storm that moves over land. The winds form under a thundercloud and become a whirling cloud in the shape of a funnel.

Waterspouts are tornadoes that form over water. Waterspouts do not just accur over oceans they can form over lakes or rivers. Most water spouts accur over warm seas like in the summer at the the Florida Keys,the Gulf of Mexico, and the Carribean sea. Waterspouts can be very dangerous for sailors and fisherman.

Tornado Alley

Tornado Damage

Hailstones are chunks of ice that fall from thunder clouds. They begin as frozen raindrops(hail embryos)then when the hail embryos whirl around in the thundercloud more water freezes on them to make them bigger. Eventually they get heavy enugh to fal to the ground. Some hailstones can become the size of golf balls or even softballs.Hail can break windows,damage roofs, dent cars,injure or even kill people.

Dust Devils are small,rapidly rotating columns of air that form on clear,dry,hot afternoons in open areas or deserts. Dust devils are similar to tornadoes and may cause damage. Howeverdust devils are weaker and form on the ground and not the sky. They usually form on sand oran asphant parking lot. There winds have usually been recorded to be up to 70 miles(110 kilometers)per hour.

Weak tornadoes can be deadly. Generally, meteorologists measure the twister after to see how much damage it performed. The Enhanced Fujita scale ranks the tornado by the damage it caused. Most deaths and property damage happen by flying debris. When a tornado strikes, it picks up such large,heavy objects like cars and trees. Scientists who studied tornadoes that occured from 1985 to 1997 found nearly 2/3 of tornado-related deaths occured in houses or mobile homes.

Majority of tornadoes in the United states occur in Florida and a belt known as Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley is the place were so many tornadoes accur because it is a place where two great air masses meet. Cool,moist air moves eastward from the North Paciffic Ocean. It is forced upward over the Rocky Mountains and that air cools down more. When it reaches the other side it meets the Great Plains where, the air is cold and dry. Farther south,warm moist air moves up from the Gulf and gets warmer before it meets the Great Plains. The warm air is forced to rise quickly, cretating massive thunderclouds everything is associated with them including thunderclouds.


Dust Devils



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