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Weather and Climate

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How are Tornadoes Created?Tornadoes are created when warm and hot air meet and when a storm is going on. Tornadoes are usually the extreme result of a very large thunderstorm called a supercell. During the storm cold air and warm air combine. The cold air drops as the warm air rises. A funnel cloud is a formed when warm air twists into a spiral and then comes into a funnel cloud. when a tornado is on the ground the sky turns into a very dark green color and then the tornado begins the destruction.

Tornadoes Tornados

How Does a Tornado Effect the Environment?-kills plants.-kills trees.-kills animals.-wrecks buildings.-effect the food chain.-destroys farms.

How Does a Tornado Effect People?-wrecks people's homes.-kills people.-injureds people.-wrecks food.-destroys property

When Does a Tornado Occur?Tornadoes are usually in early spring to middle summer. But tornadoes can really come in any season if cold air and hot air meet.

What is a Tornado?A tornado is a rotating windstorm that forms from towering thunderstorms called supercells. Air currents move up and down, and wind speeds up causing it to spin into a funnel cloud. When it touches the ground it becomes a tornado.

What Can Tornadoes Do? When a tornado touches water it can become a water tornado. If it touches fire it can become a fire tornado.


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