Torn ACL

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Torn ACL

Torn ACL

- ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament- The ACL is located in the knee- Young women are a 2-8 times more likely to hurt their ACL than men- The ACL serves the purpose of stabalizing the knee joint, making sure the tibia doesnt go past the femur, and prevents hyperextention- which all allow dynamic body motionsCreators: James Rodriguez, Ryker Ward, Krishan Patel

How it Happens-This is usually due to a sudden twisting motion of the knee- This is typical of high risk sports like football- With a firm planted foot, the knee locks or pivots- When Tibia is pushed foward in relation to femur because fo a direct knee hit, usually when skiing, in a car accident, Symptoms-Loud pop (at time of incident) and intense knee pain- Hurts when weight bearing- Intense swelling

Short Term- First Aid, apply iceLong Term-Physical rehab-ACL surgery in order to reconstruct the ACL (a graft)Children & Teens-Rehab exercises-Wearing a brace-Avoid jumping activitys-Active kids are more likely to have future surgeryShould I Have Surgery (Kids & Teens)-If the knee is very unstable during daily activity- If you are a big-time athlete in running, jumping and stopping sports



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