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Toris foods

North CarolinaClimate is the warm temperate zone.There is 44 inches of rain fall each year and 5 inches of snow. The average lows are in the 30s at night and the hights arein the 90s during the days in summer.Some foods grown in North Carolina are: corn sweet Potatoes cucumbers strawberries

FloridaClimate is the Humid Subtropical All 12 months the temperature is above 64 degrees.Some foods grown in Florida are: orangesgrapefruitslemonslimes

Tori MooreMiss LeGacy January 24, 2012

Growing ConditionsSweet Potatoes need a firm heavier soil, hot days and warm nights. They take a lot of heat but theycan also take frost.Corn should be planted when soil temperatures are near 50 degrees.Strawberries will burn in extreme heat

North Carolina and FloridaAgriculture and Climate

GlobalizationIs increasing trade betweencountries. That way we cantrade our foods with othercountries and we can eatdifferent foods that are not grown here.It is different from the past because air planes can fly produce like Mangos from othercountries and we can send themour sweet potatoes and corn. Sowe all have a variety of foods toeat.

Growing ConditionsGrapefruits warm conditions both day and night. They need well draining soil.Oranges can be damaged by frost.Lemons and Limes are the same.

I love fruit!I eat grapefruits from Florida and strawberries fromNorth Carolina!


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