Tori soil project

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Tori soil project

Tori MooreMiss LeGacyNovember 14, 2011Soil Project

QuestionDoes a plant grow better in soil than in playdoh?

Research1.First I took 2 cups and putsoil in one and pink playdoh in the another. 2.Then I planted sunflower seeds in both.3.Next I watered both and put them on a sunny windowsill.4. I kept watering them and waiting for a plant to grow.

AnalyzeThe playdoh did not have any plant growing in it after 3 weeks. The soil showed a sprout at first and then 2 stems with leaves.

ExperimentControls sunflower seeds, sun waterVariable, soil, playdoh

ConclusionPlants cannot grow in playdoh even with water and sun. They need water , sun and soil to grow.


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