[2015] Charlotte Edwards ) (5/6C): Tori Kelly

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[2015] Charlotte Edwards   ) (5/6C): Tori Kelly

Some basic info:Victoria (Tori) Kelly was born on December 1992. Starting a YouTube channel, posting covers of songs. Later auditioning for American Idol... And winning! In her later years she released an album called "Unbreakable smile"

Tori Kelly


Greatest work:Releasing her hugely popular album of 2015, "Unbreakble smile"

History:Tori Kelly was born on December 14th 1992.

GeographyTori grew up in Wildomar, CA

Quotes:It's worth the fall if you land where you want to land.- Tori Kelly

She Auditioned for American Idol when she was only 16!

Fun fact:

By Charlotte Edwards


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