Top 5 Reasons for Confederation

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Top 5 Reasons for Confederation

Top Five Reasons for ConfederationBy:Michael

Reason #1A Railway Linking the Colonies. I think this was the main reason that there was Confederation in Canada, because this led to travel that was connected all throughout the BNA. This would draw the colonies a lot closer together because there is one intercolonial railway that is used.

Reason #2Cancellation of the Reciprocity Treaty.On my top five list, I feel like this would be the second most influential on the Confederation. I think this would be the second reason because during the Reciprocity Treaty the colonies of the BNA felt like they had stronger trading with the United States, than with each other. When the Treaty was canceled, the BNA colonies wanted to trade freely. So they learned to trade with each, bringing them closer.

Reason #3Political Deadlock.The political deadlock is a very good reason to be right in the middle; the number three spot. The reason that this is number three on my top five list is because the political deadlocks (yes, there were multiple) led to the Great Coalition. This would allow for Canada East and Canada West to have its own government rights. This would help the comunication factor that played a big part in the Confederation.

Reason #4Threat of American Expansion into the BNA.There was always the threat of the Americans expanding into British North America, after the American Civil War. The fears became a reality in 1866. The Americans tried to expand into the BNA, but the colonies came together to stop them. It showed very good cooperation between the colonies, which is why it is number 4.

Reason #5Great Britain Wanted her Colonies to be More Self-Sufficient.This is the last, and final reason for Confederation. This is the fifth reason in my top five list. I feel that this was a bit more important than the sixth reason about Rupert's Land. This contributed to the Confederation because this would help British North America to be more self-sufficient. The people of Great Britain also wanted Confederation, so the people of the BNA colonies would view Confederation more favourably. That is why that is my fifth reason for Confederation.


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