Top 10 Sites For All Teachers

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Top 10 Sites For All Teachers

Mr. Perkins' GLOG

Reflection:I am very happy I registered for this course, Top Ten Sites for All Teachers. As we know technology is always changing or evolving in new and better ways. I feel this course allowed me to keep up with some of the new things out there so I can continue to be a bit current on innovative ways to educate my students. A majority of the programs or websites I was introduced to were ones I was not aware of. Upon completing projects for each one I was able to learn firsthand and brainstorm ways to use it in the classroom. Acquired Skills:One skill acquired during this course was creating projects for groups or cooperative learning. Students who engage in cooperative learning learn more, remember it longer, and develop better critical-thinking skills than traditional lecture classes. I am almost positive student enjoy cooperative learning more as well. Many of the introduced activities opened my eyes to ways I can make this happen.

Technology Oriented Goals:

- Create more technology based group projects.- Allow students to explore and play with appropriate technology.- Write a grant to get some form of technology in the school or my class.- Build a website to be a library resource for various kinds of technology that can be used daily.




Great Websites For Kids


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