top 10 loved pets/ pet lovers

by mirthoms
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top 10 loved pets/ pet lovers

#1 top loved dog

2 cute 2 talk 2 u

TOP 10 LOVED DOGS:#1- Labrador Retreiver#2- Yorkshire Terrier#3- German Shepherd#4- Golden Retriever#5- Beagle#6- Boxer#7- Duchound#8- Poodle#9- Shih Tzu#10- Bulldog

Fact: did you know if your dog is 2 months old in human years hes actually 14 years old?

i can hold my smile longer

take the picture already!

i'm cute whats your excuse?

award winner for being a cute dog

i am the best thing that has ever happened to you

I wanna play fetch!

no one said any thing about getting dirty

i'm ready for my close up

what did you say?


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