Top 10 Jesus of Nazareth

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Top 10 Jesus of Nazareth


Top 10 Jesus of Nazareth

6-4 B.C.- Little baby Jesus was born26 A.D.- Becomes the first miracle where he turns water into wine at the wedding in Cana28 A.D.- Chooses his 12 deciples28 A.D.- Calms the huge storm in the Sea of Galilee29 A.D.- Walks on water in the Sea of Galilee29 A.D.- Feeds 5,000+ men and woman with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish29 A.D.-Raises Lazarus from the dead30 A.D.- Restores the sight of two blind men in Jericho30.A.D.- Rides into Jerusalem to be with Jews for Passover(Palm Sunday)Thursday- The Last supperFriday- Was Crucified under pontius pilot, suffered, died and was buriedSunday- Resurrection from the dead40 Days later- Ascended into heaven

Jesus of Nazareth was born to Mary and Joseph of Nazareth on December 25He is the trinity which means that Jesus is the father, the son, and the holy spiritRight when Jesus was born he changed to worldHis ideas came from jewish tradition which were the idea of monotheism and the also established the 10 commandmentsHe took trade of carpentry Jesus had 12 desciples which were his followers later known as apostlesAt the age of 30 he began ministry. He preached, taught and healed peopleBecame known as the the Messiah or savior after he suffered, died, was buried, ressurected from the dead and ascended into heaven

Jesus helped the sick become healthy, the naked to become clothed, and the starving to have foodHe started one of the most famous/ largest religions in the worldHe made the impossible come true and he produced Miracles

Lasting Impact

He died for everyone and sacrificed his life so that all Christians could live!

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Jesus in the Sea of Galilee




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