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If you didn't know, the thing you use to clean your teeth everyday, toothpaste, is a base! Toothpaste has a pH scale of about 8-10. Although toothpaste is a base, it is not a very strong base so it is not as harmful as it seems, so dont be afraid to buy or use it!


Toothpaste is a base that helps compliment your face!

Physical Properties ofToothpaste-Abrasiveness; Toothpaste has a fine flourishing powder that helps remove all the unecessary debris that builds up on your teeth.-Flavour; Toothpastes usually have a minty flavor, making our mouth feel fresh and clean.-Texture; Toothpaste is usually very thick and dense before you use it to clean your teeh.-Color; Toothpastes can come in many different colors but we can all agree that white is the most common.

Chemical properties of toothpaste-Foaming; when toothpaste mixes with your saliva and is brushed against your teeth it becomes a foamy substance-Solubility; Toothpaste has the ability to dissolve in water.-Foaming; when toothpaste mixes with your saliva and is brushed against your teeth it becomes a foamy substance

You shouldnt be afraid of using toothpaste, simply because it is not harmful. the only way it could be harmful is if you swallow it, but we all know toothpaste is not for eating. You may think it is harmful because it is a base, and because it contains ingredients that are harmful, but once these ingredients are mixed, they create a new substance that has a whole new harmless identity. The most obvious reason for why toothpaste is so helpful is that it helps keep your teeth clean and cavity free. for example, the fluoride in it helps prevent cavities and rotten teeth. Although this is the most known reason for the use of toothpaste, it is not the only one. Suppose you have just not been eating healthy and you get a pimple. Putting toothpaste on it will help it go away. This is because certian ingredients that toothpaste has (like baking soda) help dry out the blemishes. Another good use for toothpaste is for when you get a burn. Now this won't help a serious burn like one you might have gotten in a house fire, but it can help burns that are cause by things like irons, hot water, etc. Putting toothpaste on the burn helps it soothe down and feel as if air is actually being let in.. This may be because of the mint that gives the "clean and refreshed" smell and feeling on your skin.

By: Stefanie Garcia

sodium alginate

Sodium Fluoride


sodium lauryl sulfate

Baking Soda

Toothpaste is Not Harmful




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