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Author: Mary Downing Hahn

Title: Took

Main Events1) Daniel , Erika and her family move to West Virgina and when they get to the house its surrounded by woods and when thier moving things Erika hears her name in the woods but its not a family member.2) Erika and Daniel are on the bus and this boy starts talking to Erika about this women that killed poeple in the house there living in now so she gets scared and believes him

SettingsTakes place in West virgina around 2003 and its important to the story because they place they are goingto live gives the mood of the story. Scary and creepy

CharactersDaniel- A boy who kepts to himself most of the times and doesn't like doing things as a familyErika- Daniel's younger sister who is very shy and is a mommas girl. Erika gets very scared at night and needs a story to calm her down.

Bookreport by Sandra Waydelis

Problem, conflict


What do you think about the Book?

Daniel and his sister Erika move to West Virginia because their parents couldnt afford living in Connecticut and Erika and Daniel think their house is Haunted and their trying to convince their parents that it is.

Erika disappeared into the woods and was replaced by a girl who was taken 50 years ago. So Daniel has to go on a mission to find his sister by himself because his parents dont believe him

I thought this book was amazing. Its creepy and scary at the same time. I would recommened this book fro people who cant put a book down.


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