Too Many Tamales

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Too Many Tamales

About the AuthorGary Soto was born and raised in Fresno, California. When he was young he wanted to be a paleontologist. He never thought about being an author. After he graduated high school, he attended California State University. It was there that he came across a book of peotry and started writing his own. He proceeded to graduated with a degree in Engish. He received his Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing. Since then, he has written poetry, short stories, and novels for children as well as for adults. He has won several notible awards for his writing.

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Book PlotIt's Christmas Eve and Maria's family is preparing for a traditional Christmas Dinner. Maria is excited because this is the first time she helps make tamales. When her mother leaves the kitchen, Maria tries on the diamond ring her mother left on the counter. When the family arrives Maria is excited to see her cousins. As their playing, Maria realizes she's no longer wearing the ring.

Too Many Tamalesby Gary Soto

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