[2015] Akil Baker (8-1): Toni Morrison

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[2015] Akil Baker (8-1): Toni Morrison


Toni Morrison is an author. She is a very famous and well known woman. Toni has written 5 major books and she is mostly known for The Bluest Eye, Sula, and Song of Solomon. She has won many prizes because of the incredible books she has made. She was born on February 18, 1931, in Ohio. Her novels are called epic themes. Her books contain authentic dialogue and very detailed black characters. She teaches us to become better and do more. She is the voice and conciseness of America.

2/18/1931- Birth1949 - Graduated highschool with honors1953 - Graduated college1955 - Went back for her masters1957 - Went to Howard to teach English1993- Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature2006 - Retired from Princeton

Toni Morrison was the first african american to recieve a Nobel Prize in Literature.Toni Morrison graduated high school with honors.Toni Morrison's book called Song of Solomon recieved a National Book Critics Circle Award.

Lasting Impact

She impacts us from her books and the messages that are left about african american women during slavery.


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Toni Morrison



Sula was the one of major books that Toni Morrison has gotten published. This book was the book that gave her the Nobel Prize in Literature.


This is a small biography video about Toni Morrison.


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