Tone Direct Instruction

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Tone Direct Instruction

Tone DIMs. Rios English II

What is tone?

How do I find the tone?

What are some examples?

Why does tone matter?

A few tone words

Trailer #1 Tone: dramatic, horrified, suspenseful

Trailer #2 Tone:adventurous, humorous, zealous

Frozen Trailer #1

Frozen Trailer #2

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1. Read the text carefully, circling words that show emotion.2. See what your emotion words have in common.3. Choose a tone that supports the emotion those words convey.

1. This place may be shabby, but since both of my children were born while we lived here,it has a special place in my heart.*The tone is sentimental. “It has a special place in my heart,” expresses tender emotions.2. This isn’t the greatest apartment in the world, but it’s not really that bad.*The tone is tolerant. The words “not really that bad” show that the writer accepts thesituation while recognizing that it could be better.3. If only there were some decent jobs out there, I wouldn’t be reduced to living in thismiserable dump.*The tone is bitter. The writer resents a situation that forces him or her to live in a“miserable dump.”4. This place does need some repairs, but I’m sure the landlord will be makingimprovements sometime soon.*The tone is optimistic. The writer is expecting the apartment to be improved soon

* The author’s attitude is expressed through the words and details he or she selects. *Tone helps us understand the author, and their purpose for writing, better.


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