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Tomoe Gozen

Tomoe Gozen was a women that was a warrior samurai. Her surname was not Gozen is was just "Lady." The Tale of the Heike describes how she is beautiful,strong,and surpassing. February 21,1184 Tomoe Gozen was in a decisive fight with Yoshinaka against Yoshinaka's cousin Minamoto no Yoritomo.


1180-1185-Genepei War 1184-Yoshinaka and Tomoe Gozen vs. Minamoto no Yorimoto

She won many battles, which she was very pleased with.Tomoe Gozen was one of the few women to be a strong,brave,and beautiful samurais. In every battle that she won she took off her opponent't head or hurt them in a very physical way.

Lasting Impact

Tomoe Gozen has thought us that girls can do anything that boys can even stronger.


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Tomoe Gozen


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