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Tomie dePaola

Hi, I'm Tomie dePaola

•Tomie dePaola was born on September 15, 1934 in Meriden, Connecticut. •Tomie dePaola is best known for his works for children.•Tomie has been published for over 40 years.•Over 15 million copies of his books have sold worldwide.•His books have been translated into almost 25 different languages.•Tomie dePaola and his books have received many important recognitions.•Caldecott Honor Award for STREGA NONA from American Library Association (ALA)•Newbery Honor Award for 26 FAIRMOUNT AVENUE from ALA•Laura Ingalls Wilder Award from ALA for "substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children"•Smithson Medal from Smithsonian Institution•Regina Medal from Catholic Library Association•Living Treasure from New Hampshire Governor's Arts Awards•Tomie dePaola has illustrated nearly 250 books and written the stories for over 100 of those books.•Most popular character featured in ten books is "Strega Nona" (in Italian, "Grandma Witch"), a wise, loving and gentle woman who possesses magical powers.•Also popular are Tomie's autobiographical stories and stories based on his life as a youngster, such as, the "26 Fairmount Avenue" series of chapter books. Some of his stories based on his real life are ethnic (Irish and/or Italian); some are humorous; some are touching.

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•Tomie lives in a 200 year old barn•Tomie didn't get a contract for his first book for several years after graduating from Pratt.•Tomie’s favorite color is white because all the other colors go great against it. •Tomie’s favorite food is popcorn.•His favorite book as a child is HITTY, HER FIRST HUNDRED YEARS, by Rachel Field (the original version). •The reason why there are many hearts in his book and a heart on his name because the heart has become a sort of symbol for him and he uses it as shorthand or an abbreviation for "love." •Tomie has illustrated nearly 250 books and written the stories for over 100 of those books.



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