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Tomie DePaola

-Born September 15, 1934 in Meriden, Conneticut.-Tomie has illistruated over 250 books and wrote stories for over 100 of those books.-Over 15 million of his books have been sold worldwide-He has been a published author for over 40 years and his books have been translated in 25 different languages!-He recieved the laura Ingalls Wilder award for his liftime contributions to children's literature in 2011!

About Tomie

For fun coloring pages that go along with Tomie's books check out this website.. other read along books visit this website!http://www.mightybook.comYou can also find out all about Tomie at his webiste!


-Strega Nona-Pancakes for Breakfast-Nana upstairs & Nana Downstairs-26 Fairmount Avenue-The Art Lesson-Tony's Bread-The Popcorn Book

List of Books...

Tomie DePaola

Want to Contact Tomie?!You can write to Tomie anytime!Tomie dePaola Mail111 County RoadNew London, NH03257

Strega Nona Read Along!

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